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"What sets LearnerNation apart is the people and their willingness to partner with us and make us successful."

Why LearnerNation

"With the previous LMS company that we used, the tool was very restrictive and it didn’t allow a lot of flexibility. Our changes weren’t in real time, so it could get very manual and cumbersome" says Scott Taylor, Director of Sales & Training at Celebrity Cruise Lines. 

"When we met with LearnerNation, we were really looking to have a solution where we could manage it all on our own. The big “Aha!” moment was our very first meeting with LearnerNation and the team: they came in full of really great energy and a “can-do” attitude. They seemed willing to help us make the tool the best in the industry and they just radiate youthful energy that helped us to have a much better product."


The Results

Reduced Training Time
"LearnerNation is so easy to use. The editing features that we have allow us to do things in real time. In the kind of business that we’re in and the constant changes that we have, it’s just huge for us to be able to make changes on the fly like that." 


Improved Performance

“We’ve seen knowledge retention just go through the roof. In our business, we train travel agents- they’re not our own employees, so it’s a little hard to keep knowledge retention because of that. They’ve got dozens of vendors coming to them with new products, new services, and they’ve got to try and remember them all. So before LearnerNation, we had about a 40% retention rate in knowledge-- 40% of everything we would train, the travel agent would remember. We put this new tool out and we’ve seen about a 100% increase in the knowledge retention from 40% to a little over 80%. For us, that’s amazing."

Improved Business Practices

"They bring us new ideas and they’ve been willing to help us grow and experiment and make our tool the very best it can possibly be. The biggest compliment I can give LearnerNation is the fact that we don’t think of them as a vendor, we think of them as a business partner.

What sets LearnerNation apart is the people and their willingness to partner with us and make us successful."


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