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Our Customer Retention vs. Industry

LearnerNation retains 95% of its customers annually whereas our competitors lose about 25% of their customers per year (or as we like to say - their customers simply discover LearnerNation!).

From Fortune 100, to mid-market and small businesses, organizations around the globe and in a myriad of industries successfully use LearnerNation’s comprehensive employee engagement solution to maximize their most valuable assets: their people.

LearnerNation is built on the idea that engaging, developing and optimizing employees is not a "one-size-fits-all" approach. In side by side comparisons, LearnerNation is often chosen over our competitors (most of whom are publicly traded software focused solely on revenue growth vs. ensuring they actually provide a real "solution" to you as the customer.) Your success is the key driver at LearnerNation, which is why we are known for cultivating long-term relationships with clients. 

Combined with LearnerNation's expert team of consultants, we ensure that your LearnerNation software solution aligns with the specific needs of your organization and addresses the unique challenges you face on a daily basis. LearnerNation also partners with the world’s best content, service and technology partners, allowing us to extend unique product offerings and focused industry expertise.


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