Energy companies and utility providers have a diverse workforce in various locations that manage compliant and efficient operations. The ability to get qualified people into critical roles makes all the difference for a successful organization.

LearnerNation for Energy & Utilities helps providers address critical compliance and workforce challenges with powerful, unified talent management solutions. Deliver the right tools to streamline recruiting, enhance productivity and performance, and cultivate leadership - all from a single and secure location. LearnerNation’s complete employee engagement solution makes it simple to:

Optimize The Customer Experience

Ensure every employee delivers excellent customer service by standardizing training and using competency-based performance reviews. Asses and record skills onsite in real time and provide relevant training to address skill gaps.

Stay Ahead Of The Coming Employee Shortfall

Retain existing employees–and reduce hiring costs–with comprehensive performance plans that reward both loyalty and performance.

Be Prepared For Every Staffing Change. 

Reduce disruptions and improve business continuity by developing multiple on- boarding scenarios for any position, months or years in advance.

Educate Employees Anytime, Anyplace, At Any Pace

Employ LearnerNation’s learning style to achieve 6-7X increased retention vs. other methods. Deliver continuing education at a fraction of the cost of conventional training with media-rich online content, instructor-led training, and social collaboration tools. Identify and develop key skills and competencies needed to deliver standardized product knowledge and keep employees on message.


  • Instantly deliver critical knowledge and track employee engagement
  • Align regional and branch goals to overall business strategy
  • Provide skills-based performance reviews to optimize talent
  • Identify and develop key financial skills and any other specific skills or competencies