Amid heightened regulation, financial service providers must find meaningful ways to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape. In today’s market, engaging employees is key to optimizing success metrics, cultivating loyal customers, and increasing profits. LearnerNations’s unified employee engagement solution for financial services makes it easy to manage, engage, and optimize every employee. 

With LearnerNation, financial service providers will increase their talent pipelines, improve on-boarding and competencies, and develop future executives – all from a single, secure platform. LearnerNation’s complete employee engagement solution makes it easy to: 

Stand Out From The Competition With Leading Customer Service.

Ensure every employee delivers excellent customer service by standardizing training and using competency-based performance reviews. Assess and record skills onsite in real time and provide relevant training to address shortfalls.

Attract, Develop, And Retain Critical Talent. 

Spend less on hiring by keeping existing talent through comprehensive learning and performance optimization plans designed to build a strong, loyal workforce.

Be Prepared For Any Staffing Change. 

Reduce disruptions and improve business continuity by preparing multiple engagement scenarios for any position, months or years in advance.

Connect Learning And Talent Initiatives With Organizational Benchmarks. 

Easily integrate skill development and performance improvement to track, manage, and improve employee performance.


  • Instantly deliver critical knowledge and track employee engagement
  • Align regional and branch goals to overall business strategy
  • Provide skills-based performance reviews to optimize talent
  • Identify and develop key financial skills and any other specific skills or competencies