Rapid Realty trains sales agents to help thousands upon thousands of people find great apartments and commercial spaces.

Why LearnerNation

“Rapid Realty is a franchise company and has many different, independently-owned and operated offices and while that's wonderful in many regards, it does complicate the training process."

"When Rapid Realty only had one or two offices, it was easy to get the entire staff together for an in-person training. But as we grew from a small company to a franchise with 40-50 offices, it became difficult to consistently reach everyone with in-person office visits. In-office training is still a major part of Rapid Realty's company culture, but we needed something to help us reach all our agents, no matter where they might be located.

Being able to get the information out there and have it all standardized has really been a wonderful tool for us and so we absolutely needed that at this point in our growth."

The Rapid Realty team researched and evaluated LMS vendors for 2 months. After this process, they finally chose LearnerNation for its breadth of experience and user-friendly platform

“Back when I joined in 2010, this was already something we were talking about-- how to make some sort of online training platform, but it seemed like a very pie-in-the-sky idea for us. We were looking at Blackboard and WebEx and it just seemed that to get those up and running was going to take 1 or 2 people from our executive team, and we’re talking about a very small executive team, where sacrificing anybody for any time is a real blow. It seemed like it would be a cost-prohibitive nightmare and take us months and months and months. As soon as we were introduced to LearnerNation though, it really seemed like this was absolutely the right way for us to go, It had what we were looking for.”

The Results

A Consistent, Scalable, & Effective Training Solution

“Today we have a consistent, scalable, anywhere, anytime, easy-to-use, training platform. We needed a platform that could hit all those points and LearnerNation has really been that for us. It’s delivered on all those points and done so while being very user-friendly and very approachable, which we absolutely need."

Quick Training Time

“We’re in a high-turnover business. Each year there’s an immense change in the makeup of our company and that’s true of any real estate company. It’s so important that our training platform not only have great information that helps people get started and become productive and successful as soon as possible, but that it also is very easy for them to access information and learn from it without having to spend a lot of time familiarizing themselves with the software. Every second they’re spending trying to get from one page to the next is a second they could have been spending by learning the tools of the trade and and bringing in deals. Across the board, we’ve really had a great level of success with getting people in there and learning very quickly once they get their access all set up, it becomes quite intuitive, so that’s really been great.”

Improved Productivity

“Being able to learn remotely on their own time just gives them a much greater capacity to sit there and really absorb this information at a pace that they’re comfortable with and that works for their schedules."

Ease of Use
“The UX is so important in something like this and I’ve been very pleased with how approachable LearnerNation has been for our agents.”




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