LearnerNation is a modern, sleek learning and engagement platform that drives employee engagement. LearnerNation measures and improves employee Performance, alignment, and knowledge to support the goals of your company. In a nutshell, it gets everyone the tools they need to do a great job AT GREAT COMPANIES LIKE...

How does learnernation improve Employee Engagement?


Easily check in with your employees at any time, in real-time. This allows you to address any issues that come up quickly, between immediately and ASAP. LearnerNation gives managers the information they need to engage employees, drive growth, and ensure that they’re aligned with organizational goals.


LEARNERNATION Facilitates an ongoing conversation between managers and employees, which moves beyond just a limited snapshot of employee engagement to a more panoramic view. It’s simpler than ever for managers to keep their finger on the pulse of their team. And the team feels that their input is heard (because it is) and actually matters (because it does). Not to get all 7 Habits on you, but WIN-WIN.


Because everything in LearnerNation happens in real-time, you can take feedback and make improvements on the fly. Plus, you’ll be able to give employees the tools and knowledge they need to do their jobs better. It’s like responsive design for humans.

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