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LearnerNation is a modern, sleek learning platform that drives employee engagement. 

LearnerNation measures and improves employee performance, alignment, and knowledge to support the goals of your company. In a nutshell, it gets everyone the tools they need to do a great job.

Do more than train people. Transform them.

When people learn how to improve themselves, in the right way, something amazing happens. They feel better, work harder, and their positive energy spreads. That happens every day, in workplaces around the world, thanks to LearnerNation.

Our science-based method is proven to increase knowledge retention 6-7X

Teams using LearnerNation perform better... and are happier.

Case study after case study has proved that teams using LearnerNation have seen significant increases in Knowledge Performance Scores, and companies paying attention to the development of their employees have seen substantial net profit increases with more employees hitting bonuses for exceeding goals. Best of all, Forbes recently recognized LearnerNation's unique specialization in millennial workforce development.

Case Study:Up to 200% increase in on-the-job Knowledge Performance Scores Vs. Competitor Platforms

Impressive - but show me real world testimonials from real LearnerNation customers? 

LearnerNation is used by over 250,000 individuals in 2300 organizations including Fortune 500's such as MasterCard, LG, Liberty Mutual, Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, and luxury brands such as Cartier and Celebrity Cruise Lines. With a unique specialization in team performance optimization, LearnerNation optimizes its user’s performance as individuals, teams, and throughout organizations. We have wonderful employees, work fluently in four (English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese) languages, are available to you 24/7 should you need best practices guidance on your path to success, and are growing and expanding by the day. Oh and if you want to see how effective we are in the "real world" scenarios...

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Ok so you're incredibly effective and your customers say you are "amazing" - how do your customers feel about you?

Thank you for asking our favorite question - both our customer service and award-winning product are excellent. We frequently earn new customers who were previously with our publicly traded competitors and they can't believe the difference. But don't take our word for it look at our amazing 95% customer retention rate - that means that our customers stay with LearnerNation year on year vs the industry average churn of 25%. We're doing something right and whether you are leaving your current provider or just getting started with us, we can't wait to show you what real customer success and support feels like!

LearnerNation Customer Retention vs. Industry Average

LearnerNation retains 95% of its customers annually whereas similiar providers lose about 25% of their customers per year (or as we like to say - their customers simply discover LearnerNation!).


Can you summarize LearnerNation's main benefits one more time?


Easily check in with your employees at any time, in real-time. This allows you to address any issues that come up quickly, between immediately and ASAP. LearnerNation gives managers the information they need to engage employees, drive growth, and ensure that they’re aligned with organizational goals.


LearnerNation Facilitates an ongoing conversation between managers and employees, which moves beyond just a limited snapshot of employee engagement to a more panoramic view. It’s simpler than ever for managers to keep their finger on the pulse of their team. And the team feels that their input is heard (because it is) and actually matters (because it does). Not to get all 7 Habits on you, but WIN-WIN.


Because everything in LearnerNation happens in real-time, you can take feedback and make improvements on the fly. Plus, you’ll be able to give employees the tools and knowledge they need to do their jobs better. It’s like responsive design for humans.

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