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Why LearnerNation

“We needed a way to speed up our training and implementation process,” said Blake Ouzts, Director of National Accounts. “We were looking at multiple learning systems, and LearnerNation impressed us with its functionality and what it could provide to our customers.”

Why Learning Made Awesome?

“Before LearnerNation, the main frustration for us was how long it took for an install to be completed. We would make a sale, and another sale would come, so our business was rapidly growing, and as you can imagine, that adds pressure on our staff to make sure everyone is doing their job. We were working very diligently to keep up with the growth, but our install process needed to be more efficient. Before LearnerNation, we were doing on average ~75 day installs -- that’s from the point of sale to when the customers are live on our product.

Another challenge prior to LearnerNation was providing the customers with up-to-date and adequate documentation. Before, we would have to individually e-mail our customers the proper documentation to make the install and implementation work properly. We were doing a lot of one-on-one remote webinars with our customers, which again, takes up a lot of time.


And the third point of frustration was getting the customer involved in learning the software, building that relationship with them, and putting some accountability on the customers themselves."

The Results

LearnerNation helped cut install time in half.

"At first, our goal was to take that 75-day install process down to 45 days. Once we got everything built in LearnerNation and started a new process using the software as another training & management tool, the install process took 30 days. So, with LearnerNation,” says Outzs, “We reduced our install time from 75 days to 30 days."

"That was huge for our success in being able to keep up with growth and make our customers happy.”

LearnerNation streamlined communication with customers.

“As you can imagine, installing an electronic health record system and converting from a paper-based system takes a lot of time. Many practices are overwhelmed by that process. Being able to provide them with the documentation and adequate steps to make a flow of that process was important to our success.

Instead of having individual documentation, where we would have to reach out to each customer and give them a long, wordy PDF file, we were able to post that on LearnerNation’s platform, and our customers could have that process at their fingertips, and access it anywhere, anytime. Being able to edit our documentation right away in LearnerNation as our technology updates, has been very simple. We can make edits in real time and it is available to all our customers at once. That feature alone has saved money, time, you name it-- everything under the umbrella.”

LearnerNation reduced customer service time. 

“Before we started using LearnerNation, we would do a lot of one-on-one remote session webinars with GoToMeeting, Join.Me, etc. A 30-min session would very likely turn into 1.5-hr or 2-hr. session.

With our sales ramping up and our business growing, that was challenging because we didn’t really have two hours to spend on each account. Being able to take a 2-hr session and streamline it to 30 minutes by having our customers access and review the subject prior to the training session helped tremendously. Our customers were able to take a look at the subject on LearnerNation before meeting with us and then ask questions about the subject. We found it is extremely effective. Not only do the customers have a better knowledge of our product, but it was done in a timely fashion, so it worked out for everyone."

LearnerNation increased sales rate and revenue.  

"Our sales rate dramatically increased because LearnerNation gave us an advantage over EMR competitors. We not only had someone who called and talked to our customers one-on-one, but we also had this learning management tool which our customers could access anytime they wanted to learn our product. Because of this, we were able to manage more accounts. We were running with a minimal staff, and with LearnerNation we were able to work more efficiently. The team was able to streamline their meetings with customers and take on more accounts. Before, an individual employee was juggling 7-10 accounts which was extremely challenging. With LearnerNation, we were able to juggle 12-15 accounts quite comfortably.

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