Case Study: 

MyCeviche is consistently voted as one of the most positively rated franchise restaurants on Yelp serving the east coast. The restaurant chain is rapidly scaling and needed to ensure their entire team was prepared for the 300% expansion in new restaurants in just one (1) short year. 


Why LearnerNation

"MyCeviche is rapidly growing and we needed to ensure our entire team was prepared for the 300% expansion in new restaurants in just one (1) short year" says Roger Duarte, CEO at MyCeviche. 

"To maintain the demands of our health conscious clientele our menu is frequently being updated, we constantly need to ensure amazing customer service and this means knowledgeable staff" says Roger Duarte, CEO at MyCeviche.

"When we met with LearnerNation, we were really looking to have a solution where we could manage it all on our own - as a growth stage business."

The Results

Increased Net Profit:

"Simply put, I love the results. ROI Bottomline: Since we began with LearnerNation's software (i) our staff is knowledgeable which increases our operating efficiency; and this (ii) has led to an average increase of 18% in net profits across the board - thank you LearnerNation!"

Reduced Training Time:

"Part being a success in the  restaurant industry is  effectively managing constant changes that we have, LearnerNation reduced our average on-boarding time for new employees by about 50-60% for new team members - from weeks to just a few days." 

LearnerNation's Customer Success Team

"They bring us new ideas and they’ve been willing to help us grow and experiment and make our tool the very best it can possibly be. The biggest compliment I can give LearnerNation is the fact that we don’t think of them as a vendor, we think of them as a business partner.

What sets LearnerNation apart is the people and their willingness to partner with us and make us successful."