LearnerNation is consistently voted among the top LMS and Certification Systems

by Non-Profit and Government Agency users.

Government and Non-Profit Agencies Using LearnerNation Over Time

Why LearnerNation

Nonprofits are dedicated to serving their communities - both local and international. As of 2015 we service about 3,766 Non-Profit or Government Affiliated Agencies across over 123 Local and International Jurisdictions in English / Spanish / French/ and other asiatic languages. Everyday, these organizations deliver vital services necessary to sustain millions. Unfortunately, although nonprofits continue to demonstrate remarkable success, they also face significant challenges when it comes to attracting, developing and achieving their mission due to outdated technology or delivery methods.

LearnerNation for Nonprofits provides a comprehensive learning and professional development solution designed to help transform nonprofits into more collaborative, accountable and productive organizations. This, in turn, drives bottom-line results and helps organizations more effectively achieve impact.

With LearnerNation for Nonprofits you can:

  • Reduce on-boarding time-to-productivity for your core providers -- both volunteers and employees alike
  • Automate performance improvement for greater organizational effectiveness
  • Deliver a unified approach to professional development so you can accelerate your next generation of leaders
  • Achieve measurable goals to demonstrate effectiveness to stakeholders -- donors, community members, and more

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